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South Africa - November 2011

  • Pilanesberg landscape
    In November 2011 we traveled to South Africa and brought Charles's parents along for the ride. We spent a week in and around Cape Town, a few days near Hartbeespoort and the Cradle of Humankind, a couple days at Pilanesberg National Park, and two days with my friend Stephanie and her family in Pretoria. It was a FANTASTIC trip! There are (currently) 78 photos in this album and don't include some of the great places we visited or people we saw. I may add more as we finish weeding through the approximately FOUR THOUSAND photos we took. Seriously. It was a great trip.

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Aldus's Grandmother

Merrill can now add Museumplein to her list of instruments on Orpheum Bell's website. Was horn-blowing Aldus performing an audition as well? At the very end he was really getting into it. Loved it!


Thanks for putting one of my favorite moments of the trip up on your site! Aldus is definitely a prodigy on the trumpety-kazoo-thingy.

I had such a WONDERFUL time and wish I could come rent a cottage in Dwingeloo for about a month where we'd meet up on our bikes for coffee. I'd even babysit your kid and pup! I can see why you are considering staying for longer. I can also see why hanging with your girlfriends is one of your incentives to return to the states. I loved just getting the chance to tool around Amsterdam and chat. And rest assured: should I be blessed with children, they will not be geniuses and will certainly be allowed to eat food off the floor.

The move is going great and we've got a guest-bed ready for whenever you next visit Michigan!


Ha! That video is so great! I just played it and totally freaked out the dog. (Did I tell you we got a puppy in June? He's a puli named Zeppo. Love. Also lots of barking. We're working on it).
Glad you had such a great visit!

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