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South Africa - November 2011

  • Pilanesberg landscape
    In November 2011 we traveled to South Africa and brought Charles's parents along for the ride. We spent a week in and around Cape Town, a few days near Hartbeespoort and the Cradle of Humankind, a couple days at Pilanesberg National Park, and two days with my friend Stephanie and her family in Pretoria. It was a FANTASTIC trip! There are (currently) 78 photos in this album and don't include some of the great places we visited or people we saw. I may add more as we finish weeding through the approximately FOUR THOUSAND photos we took. Seriously. It was a great trip.

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Kate C.

I feel the same way you do about the "baby education rat race". Not interested, thanks. With Kit, we make sure she does her homework and studies so that she gets the best grades she's capable of and we've got her participating in a mix of activities that she enjoys. I'm careful not to over-schedule her (for her sake and mine). (We might get her into an IB program for middle school and high school - that would be my one concession to international competition pressures but mostly, I just want to give her the best education we can afford). I hope to continue this way with the little two.

I've always enjoyed giving the finger to those who think I should be doing things differently so if there is pressure to turn our kids into prodigies, I'm not feeling it. :)

I really think they're perfect baby geniuses, just the way they are.


Do you ever read Sweet Juniper? There was an entry the other day and he was lamenting very similar things....


I did read the Sweet Juniper column! That was one of a handful of different things I'd read, heard and saw recently that got me thinking about all of this.


His writing is great. I really enjoy reading that blog -- the photos of Detroit are amazing too.


I think the education your child will recieve by living in a different country, with the whole of europe on your doorstep, will be invaluable. Who wants a clone of 'the baby education rat race' when you can have a multilingual, erudite, cosmopolitan, education just by going shopping!!


Being a Dutch parent I can tell you the finger exist here as well - but more to mums than to dads! We both work 4 days, making my husband a caring father and me a working mother (huh?). Anyway, the best way in my opinion is just do what you do and just pick out usefull stuff from the 'fingers' if it suits you, just ignore the rest. And I totally agree, kids need to play, learning and working they can do and will do the rest of their lives. The baby rat race is not so much a Dutch thing (yet) fortunately. And I think plenty of love and joyful playtime is enough preperation for school any kid could wish for!


I have to say I have honestly never felt judged about how I parent. Admittedly I am surrounded primarily by a cohort of close friends that all started having their children the same time I did and maybe we just all have similar parenting styles but I think that "mommy wars" crap is more media hype than anything. Surround yourself with people who are loving and supportive and ignore the rest. THAT is the best way to raise a child, IMHO.

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