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South Africa - November 2011

  • Pilanesberg landscape
    In November 2011 we traveled to South Africa and brought Charles's parents along for the ride. We spent a week in and around Cape Town, a few days near Hartbeespoort and the Cradle of Humankind, a couple days at Pilanesberg National Park, and two days with my friend Stephanie and her family in Pretoria. It was a FANTASTIC trip! There are (currently) 78 photos in this album and don't include some of the great places we visited or people we saw. I may add more as we finish weeding through the approximately FOUR THOUSAND photos we took. Seriously. It was a great trip.

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Kate C.

I've seen the cup-a-cake saver! The only real use I could think of would be for school lunch and I've been tempted to get it for Kit but decided that she would be just as happy eating at cupcake at home and letting me save the 3$. :)


How often does she get cupcakes in her lunch? Lucky kid if it's enough to warrant considering buying one of these things! If we move back to Michigan, will you make lots of cupcakes for me? :)

I confess that I once considered buying a Bananasaver, but that's because I try to take bananas to work pretty frequently.

Maybe I'm just out of touch with cupcake culture in the U.S. And that would be a pity.


Omg. One of the guys at work has a bananasaver. It's weird.


Oh, that's funny that you mentioned the bananasaver. The first post on my blog way back when was about what a stupid waste of plastic & money that thing is.

I am with you on the rampant consumerism in the U.S. I am finding myself more and more caught up in it. When I lived in Korea, I barely bought anything (aside from the Korean cosmetics I became addicted to) because I wasn't sure where I'd end up. It was really freeing not being weighed down with "stuff".

I find it interesting that mostly everything being sold at yard sales in the States is supposed time-saving/convenience gadgets like those cup-a-cake savers. People really need to think twice before they buy these things.

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