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South Africa - November 2011

  • Pilanesberg landscape
    In November 2011 we traveled to South Africa and brought Charles's parents along for the ride. We spent a week in and around Cape Town, a few days near Hartbeespoort and the Cradle of Humankind, a couple days at Pilanesberg National Park, and two days with my friend Stephanie and her family in Pretoria. It was a FANTASTIC trip! There are (currently) 78 photos in this album and don't include some of the great places we visited or people we saw. I may add more as we finish weeding through the approximately FOUR THOUSAND photos we took. Seriously. It was a great trip.

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wheee! Ahpa watches over the intarweb!


When you say "Merrill-Ahjuma" does that literally mean "Merrill-lady"? Or is there an "auntie" connotation that I'm missing because my husband is a bad cultural informer?

p.s. you are all so cute. :)


I second the "you are all so cute"!!! You are ALL. SO. CUTE!


Ahjuma is the term that young kids use for a generic woman. It is a polite term that they can use for women that they know, do not know, etc.

Ahjushi is the male term. Same rules.

The translation is lady or madame.

I think that many Americans use the term aunt/auntie/uncle in a more familiar (and less filial) way. Ahjuma/ahjushi is thus similar to the way kids may call a person aunt/uncle even if there is no blood relation.

However, in Korean, you would never use the term ahjuma/ahjushi for an aunt/uncle (blood relation). There are very specific names/titles for each of one's uncles and aunts. You can ask your husband to explain the titles for paternal and maternal aunts/uncles and their spouses. He should know most of them from his own family.

- tcy


Thanks, Charles!

Merrill Ahjuma

This is terrible. It's like a long distance relationship - I'm so in love but he's so far away. Or maybe it's not actually love if you haven't met someone. I guess the sting is most familiar to that feeling I'd get when I'd see Ricky Schroeder on Silver Spoons and just DIE to meet him...

Also. Kristine looks amazing. I've seen this post-child, model-esque beauty in friends here and I have it all figured out: I am going to start breast-feeding. I have breasts. Now what else do I need?


oooohhhh my... he is sooo cute! :-)

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