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South Africa - November 2011

  • Pilanesberg landscape
    In November 2011 we traveled to South Africa and brought Charles's parents along for the ride. We spent a week in and around Cape Town, a few days near Hartbeespoort and the Cradle of Humankind, a couple days at Pilanesberg National Park, and two days with my friend Stephanie and her family in Pretoria. It was a FANTASTIC trip! There are (currently) 78 photos in this album and don't include some of the great places we visited or people we saw. I may add more as we finish weeding through the approximately FOUR THOUSAND photos we took. Seriously. It was a great trip.

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So glad you guys made it okay. Let us know if you need anything and look out for the north koreans ;)


i am jealous of your chickens, sheep, goat, ponies and cow poo! i demand photos of them! since you don't have work permits yet i'm *sure* you have a ton of free time!


Great to hear that you are settling in! -- Gretchen


What a cool thing you guys are doing. I can't wait to read more!


I am so excited for you guys! And jealous, just so you know... good luck!!!


So exciting! Glad you guys made it safely and I can't wait to read more about your adventures. :)


Wilkommen auf (wait, wrong language)... Welcome to the Netherlands! Do you find the Low Countries to be low enough to deserve the name? From my linguistically illiterate travels in Spain, I would recommend you learn four words/phrases quickly: "thank you", "where is...?", "how much...?" and "bathroom/toilet/washroom".

Karen VA

How exciting and what an adventure. I am glad you had safe travels and already got to see the house and the town you will be staying in.
If you don't have rubber boots/shoes yet, you may need them as I heard they have a damp fall and spring.
Thinking of you both! kva

mandy and josh

Enjoy setting up your home and creating your life together there. Glad to hear that things are going well.

Karen VA

dejavu - Kris I love your site as well as the word of the day. Verboten - that is one of my favorite German words. And yes we have those freeky sheets that only fit Euro beds. I laughed out loud at your comments about the late night bike ride and sleeping on the trains. Yes, never be late... Cheers to you both.

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